Selina is a Web Designer, Product Manager & Web Developer.

Web Developer, Product Manager & Website Designer

I am originally born and raised in Vancouver working internationally for over 10 years in Germany and Mexico. Countless startups in the tech sector, internet communications in the energy sector, Product Management for Katusa Research and even as an Art Director for the second largest AD agency HL-Studios.de, whose largest client is Siemens LLC.

Winding down over the years and focusing on small businesses in Canada and the US lending my corporate expertise in marketing and communications, I find it beneficial to my community.

A whirlwind of fin-techs, start-ups, HackerNest events, MeetUps, community coordination, volunteering, development, international projects, corporations and local Vancouver businesses as well as many entrepreneur projects. I am known as a “life artist” for my broad wealth of knowledge and expertise in disruptive business concepts as well as my many successful projects from fashion to digital art to web development. Check my Blog if you’d like to see some of those projects and I have a Resume and some Testimonials too!

Jeremy Rifkin, Author of “3rd Industrial Revolution” wow a touching message for my work in hydrogen. 2012
Learn about my city and the tech companies we build together as a community!
I co-hosted 1 year for Hackernest.com and made some pretty awesome connections!
Humanitarian award from Italy’s private energy group for my work towards open energy policy in Matera, Italy. 2013

When wireless is perfectly applied the whole earth will be converted into a huge brain, which in fact it is, all things being particles of a real and rhythmic whole. We shall be able to communicate with one another instantly, irrespective of distance. Not only this, but through television and telephony we shall see and hear one another as perfectly as though we were face to face, despite intervening distances of thousands of miles; and the instruments through which we shall be able to do his will be amazingly simple compared with our present telephone. A man will be able to carry one in his vest pocket.”

Nikola Tesla