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Web development, what is it and who does it?

This client (well employee in my case) had a simple WordPress site and MAJOR issues with their commerce gateway.  Stripe only lets products and certain services use their platform.  Unfortunately the owner ended up using this platform to sell subscriptions and had all of the data and payments tied to a database they could not access.

They hired another developer (designer I’d be more comfortable to say) to transfer over the data and link recurring payments to another platform.

Can I just share that female developers are completely underpaid and under appreciated in non-technical companies going tech.  I wouldn’t advise it myself when the startup has under 10 employees.  If you DO work for one, make sure there is a contract that outlines your role.

The male “developer” was paid 4 time the amount of myself, and I ended up being pushed into the role of “Product Manager” …… for a measly $20 an hour – true story!

What happened in the end?  The “developer” never got the job done after a year of leaving him alone in his “YouTube” bubble, while the company never followed up with his tasks and my role of pushing and prodding him never got the job done as I was the “little fry” doing all of the work.

They asked me to fix his mess….I won’t finish the story – you can use your imagination….

BTW, I’m now a Product Manager in Tech ❤

Good to know: If you start working with a small tech company, make sure they have a technical leader or CTO.  Non-technical companies going tech know almost NOTHING when it comes to the internet.  They will pay someone $80/hour to fix a button and then pay someone else $20/hour to fix their million dollar payment gateway!

Take away: Don’t let non-technical start-ups tell you what you know and don’t know and what you are worth and not worth…it’s not worth it!  Emotionally and physically.

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