Back in Vancouver Trail blazing

“Just in case I haven’t said this enough – you’re doing an amazing job”

Tam Kbeili is the owner and lead instructor at CodeCore BootCamp in Vancouver.  I basically signed up for this intensive bootcamp while I was in Germany.  A good friend of mine Michael Moll was developing some amazing ideas and apps with Ruby on Rails some time ago.


I must say – It was a brain bending experience.  It’s a lot like that GIF of the speeding motorbike on the thailand highway weaving through the traffic and near death collisions.  THAT is how it felt…or like the movie “Knocked Up” with Seth Rogan where he ate mushrooms in Las Vegas then went to watch Cirque du Soleil when he sat far back in his chair with a look of horror when the midget in the diaper and bonnet came towards him and he said  “I’m not your mommy”.  THAT is also a good descriptive visual as to how the course felt.

Either way when it was over (fastest 9 weeks of my life I would say) and when it was – I developed an app called Whereamiapp? for children walking home that may need some quick communication about their whereabouts or even in the DTES of Vancouver there are sex trade workers that may need a quick push of a button to save their lives.  Anyways that was my invention – I have a bigger one actually that I will need to put into the public eye soon.

CodeCore hired me! Right when I graduated! Granted it would be bitter sweet as by the time I graduated, started part-time, moved to full-time and then bumped out by some divine intervention (we’ll leave it named “divine”) within 3 months – I DID manage to move a couple of mountains and start some business process for them.  Sadly the most common and risky situations working with clients is the lack of interest in making the business a tighter ship and also some “divine” personalities that think things are just fine the way they are.  There was a great lesson in this project ‘If you want to grow – build the temple people can come to visit’

I worked with all the tech companies in Vancouver such as Hootsuite, Slack and Guestfolio.  I made some great events such as the speed interviewing event and community week.  Good times 🙂

The Universe called me to attend another project.  I’m working on them now 🙂