In Germany…Prototyping and UX

“The customer was totally stunned by the Prototype.  Due to the reactions from the client – we are totally confident we will get this one”

Fabian Mueller, Head of the Interactive Department at HL-Studios in Erlangen, Germany said after his meeting with Ergo Direkt – the largest insurance agency in Germany.  I went to live in Nuremberg for one year while working with HL-Studios (thank you!) providing transcription & Spanish translation services for Siemens as well as working generally for the interactive department doing some serious prototyping!  I use special software to make animated prototypes and deliver front-end code.  This experience later made me come back to Canada and learn to code in Ruby on Rails with CodeCore which was my next experience in business branding and development.

Just in January I received a beautiful package from HL-Studios thanking me for the time I worked for them.  They are a very nice company ran much like a family ❤