Back in Vancouver Trail blazing

“Just in case I haven’t said this enough – you’re doing an amazing job” Tam Kbeili is the owner and lead instructor at CodeCore BootCamp in Vancouver.  I basically signed up for this intensive bootcamp while I was in Germany.  A good friend of mine Michael Moll was developing some amazing ideas and apps with […]

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In Germany…Prototyping and UX

“The customer was totally stunned by the Prototype.  Due to the reactions from the client – we are totally confident we will get this one” Fabian Mueller, Head of the Interactive Department at HL-Studios in Erlangen, Germany said after his meeting with Ergo Direkt – the largest insurance agency in Germany.  I went to live […]

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Hydrogen, Solar & Italy

After the Canadian Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Association I was honoured for my work at the WHEC conference tending to Italy – who have been working hard towards an emission free society. An amazing trip dedicated to some small part in helping elaborate an energy plan.  I received a ticket from Nicola and I can’t […]

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Canada, Hydrogen & Jeremy Rifkin

Another funny story.  I handled Jeremy Rifkin’s itinerary when he came to speak at the World Hydrogen Energy Conference and we totally got along really well.  He thanked me and gave a few compliments as we had to spend a whole loooonnnnggggg day together and we worked together to make it move smoothly and I […]

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